Who Comes to Church?

Families, teenagers, little kids, babies (which you will hear), elderly, single moms, single dads, rich, poor, people with a strong relationship with God, and people struggling with their relationship with God.  Church meetings on Sunday usually have about 150 people attending.  Most women are in dresses while most of the men are wearing ties, but wear what you have.

When Do We Meet?

Our main meeting is at 10:30am.  It lasts until 11:30am.  At 11:40am is Sunday School where adults meet in a bible study style and children have classes based on age.  

How is this Church Different?

The various churches in our community are filled with wonderful people doing good and teaching principles Jesus taught.  That being said, there are some things that distinguish us from other churches:

  • Service.  Since there is no paid clergy, the responsibility of teaching, leading, and assisting those in need falls on the members of the congregation.  It might be helping someone move, visiting those in need, teaching a class, or speaking in church, but everyone helps in some way.

  • Family.  We believe that the family is ordained of God and is the foundation of society.  Teachings on strengthening the family are common, with various youth activities every week and early morning gospel study (seminary) every school day for high school students.

  • Spirit.  The Holy Ghost confirms truth and guides our teaching and activity.  As we study scripture and receive guidance from ancient and present day servants of the Lord, we discuss how the Spirit confirms those truths and share experiences that have confirmed our faith in God and in His son, Jesus Christ.


22851 Aliso Creed Rd, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


Our ward (congregation) meets in chapel A, which is to your right after entering the main doors (south side).

Meet the Bishop

The bishop is the leader of the ward (congregation).  The bishop and the other leaders and teachers are not paid for their service.  They give of their time when they are asked to serve.  Bishop Smith is a lawyer by profession and has been serving as bishop since 2017.


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