Faith, Prayer, repentance, and forgiveness strengthen me and my family

For Christmas, I got a new bicycle. I didn’t know how to ride a two-wheeler, but we bought one anyway. I practiced riding the two wheeler and it was hard and I fell sometimes. But I kept trying because I had faith that I could ride my bicycle. Because I had faith, and believed that I could do it with enough practice, I kept practicing until I got it right. Now I can go on bike rides with my dad.

If I didn’t have faith that I could ride a bike, I never would have practiced.

It’s the same with the commandments and the blessings from Heavenly Father. We have to have faith that Heavenly Father will bless us when we keep the commandments. When we have faith, then we will do what we need to do to get the blessings. I have faith that if I repent of my sins and get baptized that I will be able to receive the Holy Ghost.

There is a blessing that I like to have from Heavenly Father. A happy family.

I know that when we have faith and repent of our sins, and when we pray for blessings and forgive one another, the Lord blesses us with a happy and strong family.

When you have faith it’s exactly like a garden if you work on your garden it will grow just like if you work on faith then your faith will grow.

Youth, Age 7

Aliso Viejo

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


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