Enduring to the End

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I have been asked to give a talk on enduring to the end. What is enduring to the end? Well, to endure to the end in my point of view is to push through hardships and trials all the way to the end. The greatest example of enduring to the end is our savior Jesus Christ. No matter what happened to Him, he never gave up and overcame all the obstacles that were placed in His path. The savior had been put on this earth left to do what his father had asked him to do. He used agency and chose to endure to the end and die for us so that all man may be saved. Heavenly Father could have saved Jesus by sending legion of angels down but the Christ decided to faithfully endure to the end so we could all return to live with Him someday.

Another example of enduring to the end was the pioneers. The pioneers had had to leave their homes many times they did this because they knew that they were children of the Lord Jesus Christ. That they were the members of the Lord’s church, the one only great and true church. They endured to the end because they knew their purpose and goal, to find and establish Zion.

In addition to our Savior and the pioneers, a modern example of enduring to the end comes from a teenager named: Elizabeth Merkley. Elizabeth wrote about the lessons she has learned in her struggle to recover from an automobile accident in which she received severe head injuries.

“I didn’t know how strong I was until the spring of 1996. The incidents of one afternoon completely changed my expectations of how my education would proceed. One minute I was on a path to my future, much like every other high school student. The next minute life was no longer ordinary for me. I was on my way to strengthening myself in ways I would never have guessed. … I was on a road to relearning instead of learning. … I relearned how to eat; swallowing the food in my mouth was a hard task that I had to relearn. I went from the bed to a wheelchair to standing and walking in over a five-month period. … I have learned many great truths from my diverse trials this past year. Prayers are really answered. Fasting is a power in my family. Love has kept me alive. … I have learned what I can tolerate. … Throughout all of this I have learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought. I have learned that if you need help, it is OK to ask for it; we all have our limits, strengths, and weaknesses. … All knowledge … is ‘spendable currency’ for me. Like a baby bird broken from its shell, I am learning to fly again.”

The Apostle Paul teaches us that, “Often we do not know what we can endure until after a trial of our faith. We are also taught by the Lord that we will never be tested beyond that which we can endure (see 1 Cor. 10:13). Brothers and Sisters, I bear my testimony that this church is true and that we can work through our hardships and trials by enduring to the end.

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